Saturday, October 9, 2010

Placement Time!

So you may have noticed this blog seems a bit different. That is because i have removed almost all of my entries. This is only temporary. Id like to edit my older posts just to make sure they are appropriate to be out in internet world. I may one day have parents and potentially even students reading this blog when i am a teacher, and i want to know that what i am writing is informative and useful and maybe even inspiring. For now though I just don't have time to go through my old entries so i have removed them (and saved them on my computer) and will be able to repost them in a little while.

Do keep following as i am still going to continue to write when i have time.

Also i just have to say - i love being back in school. Being on campus, walking into a library packed full with people, enjoying my studies and doing the work. It is so much different from my undergrad - it feels like every project i do is an investment in my future and will decide how knowledgeable of a teacher i will be.
Now i head off to placement...i am nervous because there are so many unknowns and i cannot claim to be a master at every subject...but i am also really excited and cant wait to get out there.

"The only place where your dreams becomes impossible is in your own thinking" - Robert Schuller